Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry


The laser is an instrument with a very narrow opening which gives out the intense beam of light energy of a constant wavelength. Once it enters your body, it reacts with the tissues present inside your body. This light is very useful to shape a particular tissue and to cure a particular disease.






How are laser beams used in dentistry?

  • Laser treatment was introduced in 1990 in the dental field. Lasers have been proven as the safe and effective measure for the dental procedures.
  • These laser beams are used to:
  • Reduce the cold sores and discomfort of the canker inside your mouth.
  • There is overgrown of tissue due to certain medication and to remove that laser is been used.
  • The laser is also used to remove the gum tissues and also to treat certain gum diseases.
  • Lasers are widely used to treat various kinds of infections in root canals
  • The laser is also used to obtain white and glowing teeth.
  • Is laser dentistry safe?
  • The laser treatment is very safe and easy as compared to other dental instruments provided the doctor should be aware of the practice.

Types of Dental Laser:

Hard tissue laser: Hard tissue laser is made up of a particular type of wavelength that is absorbable by the salt which is found in bones and teeth. Hard tissue laser is basically an Erbium YAG or and Erbium chromium YSGG. Hard tissue lasers are mostly used to shape the teeth.

Soft Tissue laser: Soft tissue laser is made up of a particular type of wavelength that is absorbable by the water and haemoglobin present in the blood cells. These lasers are basically Neodymium YAG (Nd: YAG) and some diode laser. These lasers are used to kill the harmful bacteria.

In today’s era, Lasers are more innovative and also most precise technology and should be used for the specific application because this also decreases the efforts and makes the work quick and ease.